What our Clients

  • Meny Rivas

    These dates are terrific!! They are moist, fresh, and wonderful.

  • T.C Chicago

    Excellent service, items were very fresh and delicious. Thnx!

  • Abram Frank

    Looking forward in trying out more of your products.

  • Jim Sims

    These are by far the best sunflower seeds & Turkish pistachios I've ever tasted.

  • T.M. LA

    These are really good macadamia nuts, you won't be able to stop eating them!

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We Got Nuts are the freshest gourmet nuts around! Since 2004, we have been the best source to buy nuts, including peanuts in bulk and other treats to keep you satisfied the healthy way!

Our diverse online inventory includes delicious dried fruit, enough trail mix varieties to suit the pickiest of eaters, and nuts in bulk for a tasty recipe addition or ready-to-eat...


Welcome to We Got Nuts the best place to Buy Nuts online! (Nuts in bulk, dried fruit, trail mix, and other snacks)

Buy Nuts Online

Try our irresistible Chipotle BBQ pistachios!

Welcome to We Got Nuts, the best place to Buy Nuts online! Our nuts in bulk, dried fruit, trail mix, and other snacks are a wholesale treat to eat as is, or to use in any recipe you can dream up.

We offer gourmet nuts, scrumptiously-healthy dried berries and other fruits, savory seeds, and mouth-watering baking ingredients both for businesses and individual customers—and they're always shipped fresh for maximum taste and healthiness!

Whether you simply love macadamias or your bakery's signature muffins are in need of some extra crunch, We Got Nuts is the #1 source for all your nutty needs!

Nuts in Bulk for Healthy Snacking

Trail Mix: tastes good and good for you!

We began selling nuts in bulk in 2004 with the goal of providing irresistible healthy food to individuals and businesses across the United States, and we've stayed true to our vision ever since!

Fresh food isn't as readily-available everywhere as it should, which is why We Got Nuts remains dedicated to providing customers coast to coast with mouth-watering snacks that showcase the best the earth has to offer.

Our trail mix, dried fruit, seeds, and more truly are "Nature's Candy"—and we've snuck some traditional candy into our inventory for the occasional indulgence, too. From dried dates and pecans to trail mix and Chia seeds, We Got Nuts' selection of healthy munchies makes eating better a no-brainer!

Gourmet Nuts & Wholesome Sweets

Mouth-watering selection of Macadamia nuts!

Our gourmet nuts offer a range of delectable health benefits for your heart, cholesterol, blood pressure, and more. With their unsaturated fats, fiber, vitamins, and Omega-3 fatty acids, fresh nuts aren't just a tempting snack—they're a way to a better lifestyle, too. We Got Nuts ships quickly so you can experience all the great things our products have to offer, and keep eating well for years to come!

We're committed to helping you stay happy, healthy, and full of natural foods whose taste can't be beat. Experience the deliciousness of nature when you order from We Got Nuts today!